Hey Grum, who are you!?

There's not a lot to say about me, but here a synthesis of pretty useful information:

  • I came into this world in 1976

  • I started to code in BASIC at 6, on a Thomson T07

  • I continue to code and try to put all my source code available on github under Open Source license

  • I like to draw and I mostly draw a lot of sausages related stuff with my OC Buli

  • I have a cat, a cute cat, you can follow him in the fediverse here: @maou

  • You can follow and contact me in the fediverse too: @grum999

  • I really don't like wearing suits and I mostly wear hooded sweatshirts

Here a self-portrait of me, long hair, long beard 🙃

The boolan table of possible combination of my hair/beard

Long hair

Short hair

Skin head

Long beard

Short beard