You've reached the Grum's place

This is my cozy place.

A little bit tired to see how in recent years, the web start to be centralized by giants, with their algorithms, their obscure and changing rules, the standardization of everything and the reservation of access to resources and information hosted for registered users only.

So I decided to do like in the good old days of the Internet: create my own website where I can put what I want, where I can share what I like, where I can present stuff like I feel with my own design.

For sure nobody will be able to follow, like, retweet or anything else that made web so weird nowadays, but I don't really care: this is my cozy place.

You're welcome here:

  • If you want to talk with me about something here, just contact me @grum999

  • If you like something, great, no need to inform everyone in the worldwide web of that

  • If you want to share something, just copy/paste page url on social network you like

Currently here you'll only find:

  • My artworks

  • Links to some places on which I try to be active as Grum999

Other stuff will came later, maybe, maybe not, it will depend of this or that...

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